Critical Reaction to the American Revolution

My thoughts about the revolution have changed from this module I had no idea about all the different aspects of it. From the causes to what kind of people fought and for which side. Plus seeing this subject through analytical eyes and witnessing the contradictions and the consequences of the war. Some of the causes are seen while others may have been more personal but this was caused by the British empire saw these people as another branch of England yet treated them like captured territory with no say or power in said empire the colonists felt as though their voices were silenced and when they attempted to speak they were met with violence and disregard. From what I’ve learned since starting this class is that there is never just one reason for something there are always multiple factors with varying importance such as being taxed yet not being represented in parliament which was a large factor or not being permitted to trade with any other country, or even when attempting to make themselves apart of the empire are met with being seen as peasants or less than the British. I learned about this incident where the British army was attempting to destroy a liberty pole but when the gunpowder didn’t destroy it the locals began to mock them so they took out there bayonets and sabres and started slashing at these mostly unarmed people for making fun of them. This was a very disrespectful act that was seen and that is just one night during the turbulent times before the revolution. But the biggest of all the reasons that this happened was that the Americans truly felt like they were simply slaves for the British empire they knew they wanted a government where they felt like they had a voice. But going into the contradictions a little this made me see the founding fathers differently yet understand that this was a different time with many people born into the notion that slavery was just another thing and had nothing to do with there politics. But nonetheless the “All men are created equal statement is the biggest and most obvious one. But I saw the gender aspect as well one of the founding fathers promised his wife that when the revolution came that there would be more rights for women as well as men but that didn’t come to fruition for they simply made these promises because they knew that they would need women on there side as well as the men. Or the native American point of all this where these colonists were fighting for “their” land as their own while the British wanted to stop digging into the frontier. But who is to say whether the British meant that or just wanted allies closer to the front line hell even the slaves that were offered freedom could have been just another ruse to gain allies from within the enemy. In the video I heard that not many slaves ended up seeing that freedom that was promised. I can’t help but to question each side in this. The ripple effect of these acts ended up having lasting consequences even in today's world mostly everyone at least knows about the united states. And the ripple effects that caused this massive moment are countless but things wouldn’t be the same without all of these factors coming together in the exact way that they did.